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Telephone Banking

Our TELEBANK24 gives you instant, realtime, access to your checking or savings account information, loan information, and C.D. and I.R.A. rates and information.

Transfer funds, check ATM transactions, call local Time and Temperature and the Community Bulletin Board, any time, any day, with just the touch of a few buttons from a touch tone phone. And it’s free!

How To Access TELEBANK24
Using your TELEBANK24 banking service is as simple as making a phone call. You can call from any touch tone phone, any time…any day. All you have to do is listen for the voice prompts and they’ll guide you through a menu of options so you can quickly access the service or account information you need.

It works like this:
Call (660) 248-2111 from any touch tone phone. Listen for the voice prompts, then press the button that best corresponds to the account or service you want to access.

Online Menu:
  1. Account information and transfers (PIN Required)
  2. Funds Transfer
  3. Bank Information
  4. Lost Card

Local decisions, quick approval + THE most competitive rates.